Dr. Richard Mengko

Electronics Sector in Indonesia: A continuous effort in a changing environment


This presentation provides a brief outlook on the Electronics Sector that Indonesia had experienced, along its political and economic environment changes. Starting with the investment of the foreign multinational companies in chip manufacturing (wire bonding and encapsulation) in the late 70s, during which Indonesia enjoyed a considerable economic growth, followed by the global economic crisis in the 90s and the political instability in 1998 up to the current reformation period. The up and down of the economic growth have introduced a number of changes in the FDI and S&T policies that consequently influence the entry barrier for the entrepreneurs to jump in this area. This presentation will give an outlook of the main drivers and actions taken during these changes along with a number of studies and programs that have been done during these last five decades.

This presentation will offer a discussion on the lessons learned and future opportunities. Even though it is small compared to the global market, Indonesia, as the 4th populous country in the world and a steady economic growth in the last ten years, is still considered as a promising market for personal computers, telecommunication and other electronic products. More than 100 millions mobile phone users, a broad physical infra structure development, a priority in public health and education program along with a continuous GDP growth are all becoming the main drivers for future development This paper will highlight the numerous opportunities and the contribution of researchers in the universities to continuously influence the government in setting up an effective approach to facilitate research and industrial developments in the electronic sector facing future opportunities.


Dr. Richard Mengko is a Senior Lecturer at School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institute of Technology Bandung and a former advisor to the Minister of Research and Technology of Indonesia.